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Respirator FFP1;FFP2;FFP3(Disposable respirator,Chemical Respirator)

Disposable respirator,Chemical Respirator

Respirator is mainly made of filtering materials like gauze sponge, nonwoven and superfine fiber. The dust mask provides protection for airborne toxic particles, but does nothing to toxic gas or vapor.

Common respirators without superfine fiber can only prevent big particles, and they can be reused after washing and sterilizing. While the respirator with synthetic fibers can even prevent both big and small sized toxic particles or aerosol. Due to nature of superfine fiber, disposable respirator offers superior barrier property to common respirators.

There are many types of respirators, including flat respirator (common gauze mask), half cup respirator, and cup respirator (molding type, half face type). In terms of airtightness and hygiene, half cup and cup respirators do much better than flat ones.

Disposable respirator is extensively used in medical treatment, electronics, food, cosmetics and cleansing industries, etc. The disposable dust mask suit environment where the pollutants are non volatile particles without toxic gas or vapor.

Specifications of Disposable Respirator FFP1/2/3
1. Single-use
2. Without glass fibers
3. Hypoallergenic
4. Good air permeability
5. With adjustable mask nose design
6. Our disposable respirator provides high filtration capacity:
A. Respirator FFP1: filter penetration at least 80% of airborne particles
B. Respirator FFP2: filter penetration at least 94% of airborne particles
C. Respirator FFP3: filter penetration at least 99% of airborne particles
7. Perfect fitting of the disposable respirator over the face
8. CE; EN149:2001 certified
9. Designed to protect the wearer from inhaling harmful dusts, fumes, vapors and gases
10. Respirators come in a wide range of types used by the military, private industry and the public.
11. Packing: 20PCS/BOX, 20 BOXES/CTN

Disposable Respirator FFP1 without Valve

Article Code: TB04111

Respirator FFP1 with Valve

Article Code: TB04111V

Disposable Respirator FFP2 without Valve

Article Code: TB04122

Respirator FFP2 with Valve

Article Code: TB04122V

Respirator FFP2 with Activated Carbon, Without Valve

Article Code: TB04123

Respirator FFP2 with Activated Carbon, With Valve

Article Code: TB04123V

Disposable Respirator FFP3 with Valve

Article Code: TB04133V

Folded Respirator FFP1 without Valve

Article Code: TB04135F

Folded Respirator FFP1 with Valve

Article Code: TB04135FV

Folded Respirator FFP2 without Valve

Article Code: TB04155F

Folded Respirator FFP2 With Valve

Article Code: TB04155FV

Rainbow is a professional disposable respirator manufacturer, located in China. We are dedicated to providing high quality personal protective product, disposable clothing, medical disposables, and more, for worldwide customers. By implementing systematic management and employing experienced professionals, we at Rainbow are able to develop a complete range of new, reliable protective product. Our products are CE certified and are well received by customers from the U.S, Japan, Australia, Europe, South America and Southeast Asia, among others. We provide complete service, including offering free samples and 3 to 5-year warranty. If you have any need, please feel free to contact us. We at Rainbow are ready to serve you.

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